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  2. If Mattel made a BBW Barbie...


    I think it would be a brilliant idea If Mattel made a BBW Barbie!

    Simple reason being….it would make bigger girls that are overweight feel better about themselves and show that you don’t have to be slim to be beautiful!

    No it wont glorify obesity
    No it wont want to make little girls obese
    No it…

    so you want a plus size barbie doll so little girls that have no strong particular understanding of body image just yet feel better about not having a body that is physically impossible to obtain? (barbies dimensions are all wrong for a human, if she was alive she would not be able to support the weight of her own head)

    Whilst we’re at it we should make a less muscular he-man doll so that little boys feel better about not having muscles comparable to that of ronnie fucking coleman.

    these pro-fat opinions are all the same, stop projecting your fat guilt onto everyone.

  3. punkcaillou:


    it’s not okay to personally target a skinny person for their body

    it is okay to say you want to fucking tear apart, set fire to, and spit on thin culture for its oppressive bullshit

    and you cant fucking stop my fat ass from doing so

    if you think thin culture exists outside of retarded magazines that no one actually reads (honestly if you read cosmopolitan you deserve to depressed) then you’re wrong.

  4. khaleesidelrey:

    Thanks to The Militant Baker these fantastic images/posters are spreading across Facebook like wild fire. Let’s keep the support going to bring awareness to this issue. BE PROGRESSIVE, NOT OPPRESSIVE.

    incorrect, these feelings are instinctual. humans are programmed to look for the most suitable mate, someone who is particularly unhealthy would produce unfit offspring and fuck with the survival rates of our species.

    you know, it’s a lot easier to just lose weight than trying to convince EVERYONE around you that they should be attracted to you.

  5. That awkward bi moment


    when you wish it’d always be called same-sex marriage, and not gay marriage, because not everyone that wants to marry someone of the same sex is gay.

    kinda doesn’t matter what sexuality you identify as when you’re fucking married because you’re not going to be with anyone else other than your partner.

  6. "Can we please just burn the term ‘feminazi’?
    I am so sick of going on the internet or walking through the hallways at school and being barraged with images and harsh words, describing why someone ‘effing hates feminazis’ or something of that essence.
    First of all, since when does demanding equality and respect equate a woman to a group who performed genocide on millions of innocent people? Is the idea of women being equal to men really that outrageous, that they should have to identify with followers of Hitler? Or is it just that society is so afraid of women actually having some power that they would be more open to coining a phrase like ‘feminazi’ to scare women away from feminism, rather than acknowledging that there is a real problem here?
    Secondly, FEMINISM IN NO WAY IDENTIFIES WITH YOUR SO-CALLED ‘FEMINAZIS’. For the love of all that is holy, please realize that. Feminism is the belief that women are socially, economically, and politically equal to men. The term you are looking for, my dear misogynist, is a misandrist. Misandry is the belief that men are evil and women are above them. Know your terms, know your definitions. Really, just do your research before you try to insult someone who has done theirs.
    So to sum this all up: Yes, I am a feminist. No, I do not hate men. And I would really appreciate the return of the respect I grant to you when you display your opinions, please and thankyou."

    there’s a difference between a feminist and a feminazi, just sayin.

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  7. TW: Abuse


    I once had a girl laugh and say “Awe, poor baby male tears” when I was discussing how I had nowhere to go after leaving my abusive ex girlfriend. When I asked if she would call them “poor baby female tears” if an abused women left her abuser, she said “That’s different. Women actually matter more than men.” Awesome.

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  9. grapefruitmimosa:

    another name for the men’s rights movement is “we like things how they are” 

    yes, because things are clearly perfect.
    you strike me as the kind of girl who would bitch about there being not enough female ceo’s of companies, but you’re completely cool with the number of female miners or just minimum wage workers in general.

    to deny that men are mistreated just because women are mistreated also is fucking delusional.

  10. godlikeentity2013:

    Just a friendly reminder that responding to homophobia, transphobia and misogyny with heterophobia, cisphobia and misandry is a bitch move that sets your cause back, reinforces negative perceptions of you and alienates everyone who wants to help you.